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Ezzy Courier an international shipping service that allows you to shop from United Arab Emirates, South Africa, India , United Kingdom and United States with door delivery to Seychelles at the best rate.


Shop in over 250+
Online Stores


Warehouses across
Around the World

7-21 Days

Delivery Time

Save Up

By Storing, Consolidating
& Repackaging!

Shop Your Favourite Stores & Deliver to your door

Browse through popular stores & get it delivered to your door in Seychelles.

Our Services

Ever wonder how do we make it all happen? Trust us, we strategize around your needs!

Shop & Ship

 FREE virtual shipping address upon registration with 30 days storage within our facilities & consolidation; we’ll repackage & ship them to your doorsteps!

Personal Shopper

International Cards giving you trouble at checkout? Or in need for an international number for shopping. Our personal shopper service can assist you.

Pricing Calculator

Want an estimate pricing for your shipment?

Prohibited & Restricted Items

Due to customs and airline regulations, there are some items which are prohibited, and some which are restricted. Prohibited items cannot be shipped under any circumstance. Restricted items can be shipped, but additional approvals can sometimes take time, and add a day or more on to your delivery date. Make sure to check the list of PROHIBITED and RESTRICTED items before you shop.

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