Prohibited & Restricted Items

Due to customs and airline regulations, there are some items which are prohibited, and some which are restricted. Prohibited items cannot be shipped under any circumstance. Restricted items can be shipped, but additional approvals can sometimes take time, and add a day or more on to your delivery date. Make sure to check the list of PROHIBITED and RESTRICTED items before you shop.

Export of counterfeit items are not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, movies, DVD’s, software, clothing, handbags and purses, and sunglasses. Also, the transportation of counterfeited toy weapons, paint ball guns and “BB guns”, antique weapons, knives and swords, fake grenades, items that could be used as weapons is prohibited. We strongly advise not to deliver any such merchandise to the facility. These items will be confiscated, forfeited from your account, and disposed of.

  • The following firearms, weaponry, and military/tactical items are strictly prohibited and will not be exported :
  • Weapon accessories, including:
  •  Butt-stocks, forends
  •  Trigger housings
  • – Magazines/ammunition clips
  •  Police or military uniforms
  •  Gun barrels
  •  Firing pins, hammers
  •  Firearms, guns (whether real or replica)
  •  Pistol grips, ammo extenders
  •  Gas masks and gas mask filters
  •  Weapon lasers
  •  Holographic weapon sights
  •  Military/tactical/police shields
  •  Red dot sights
  •  Reticle sights
  •  Rifle scopes
  •  Thermal imaging/night vision scopes
  •  Ammunition, bullets, rubber bullets, cartridges, gun powder, including jewellery made of or containing bullets/casings
  •  Tactical/military helmets
  •  Batons, saps, billy clubs
  •  Upper or lower receivers
  •  Mace, pepper spray
  •  Bayonets
  •  Brass knuckles or similar articles
  •  Stun guns, stun batons, electro shock weapons
  •  Metal handcuffs, plastic zip-tie restraints
  •  Body armour/Kevlar (both soft and hard)
  •  Cane swords, gravity knives, butterfly knives, automatic knives and hunting knives
  •  Striking weapons
  •  Military training equipment
  • This list is not exhaustive.

The company has a strict zero tolerance policy for illegal drugs. These products are prohibited and will be handed over to the authorities:

  • – Narcotics, cannabis/marijuana, and psychotropic drugs
  • – Synthetic cannabis/herbal incense
  • – Controlled or illicit substances
  • – Chemicals

Any account holder who ships illegal drugs will be subject to termination.

  • We do not allow currency or monetary instruments to be exported through our facility. These items will be returned to the original sender, when possible. 
  •  Cash (bank notes & coins)
  •  Cheques (including traveler’s cheques)
  •  Bank drafts
  •  Bearer bonds and other monetary instruments
  •  Credit cards
  •  Gold, silver, or platinum bullion/bars
  •  Rough diamonds
  •  Loose diamonds or gems
  •  Currency with historical value
  •  Mother of Pearl items commonly found on watches, guitars, and jewellery items
  •  Fossils, jewellery, stones or stoneware, marble or any stone derivative
  •  Gold, diamond, silver & precious stones (jewellery exempt including watches)
  •  Any collectible painting
  •  Sculpture or other work of art
  •  Antiques (original engravings, prints, lithographs in any material)
  •  Forged and duplicate currency

Any (“RX”) prescription medications of any kind; this includes Human Growth Hormones (HGH), prohormones, and stem cell derived medications (even if not RX) are not to be exported. Export over-the-counter (OTC) medications is also prohibited. 


OTC medications, dietary supplements & cosmetics are prohibited when they:

– Are not packaged and labelled in English
– Are opened or not fully and properly packaged

  • Dietary Supplements are defined as:
  • – Vitamins
  • – Minerals
  •  Herbs or botanicals
  •  Amino acids
  •  Concentrates, metabolites, constituents, extracts, or a combination of any ingredient mentioned above

OTC Medications, dietary supplements & cosmetics may be restricted or prohibited by Seychelles Custom Authority; you are responsible for ensuring any such merchandise may be properly imported.


Electronics that requires export license from the country of departure are not accepted by Ezzy Courier. While many electronics are restricted or prohibited from exporting, many are not.

If any uncertainty please do contact our customer care centre before having it sent to our facility.

  •  Laser (as laser hair removals or laser pens)
  •  Long-range/military walkie talkie
  •  Satellite phones
  •  Ruggedised computers
  •  High-powered/commercial grade networking devices (e.g. servers & routers)
  •  Military grade electronics of any kind
  •  High-end encryption devices
  •  High-end GPS, radar, and sonar devices
  •  High-end communications devices/radios
  •  Bitcoin miners/wallets/products
  •  Rack mountable electronics
  •  Spy cameras/recorders, surreptitious listening devices
  •  Charging devices and power banks

Batteries spare/or loose, including lithium metal or lithium ion cells or batteries, for portable electronic devices cannot be shipped by Air. Articles which have the primary purpose as a power source, e.g. power banks are considered as spare batteries.

Loose batteries included within product packages will be removed and discarded.

Items that include in-built batteries such as phones, tablets, laptops, personal electronic devices may be shipped (provided they are brand new/unused);

however e-hover boards and e-scooters and others are prohibited to be shipped by Air, though they can be shipped via our Sea Cargo Service.

For more information please contact our customer care on 

Ezzy Courier does not allow the shipement of any perishable items or foodstuffs

  • We do not accept professional medical equipment if a prescription or medical license is required for purchase. 

Such items may include:

  •  Dental devices & supplies (example: dental drills, cements, resins)
  •  Veterinary devices & supplies (example: surgical equipment for animals)
  •  Medical devices & supplies (example: syringes, surgical equipment)

Many products may be restricted or prohibited as hazardous materials for transportation (dangerous goods). Your Merchant should be able to provide you with this document. The following list is not exhaustive, and products may differ in classification depending on ingredients contained within the product. If an item is listed as prohibited, we will not be able to export and may not be able to return the product domestically. 

Item is listed as restricted, may be able to export the product depending on the classification and quantity.


  • – Explosives
  •  Detonating cords, blasting caps, fuses, primers, igniters, Christmas crackers
  •  Ammunition/cartridges, gun powder, fireworks, flares, firearms
  •  Fireworks
  •  Cap gun caps, model rocket engines
  •  Poisons & toxic substances
  •  Biological & medical cultures/samples/specimens
  •  Tear gas
  •  Infectious substances
  •  Laboratory chemicals, including corrosives, acids, lye, or other strong bases, etc.
  •  Spy cameras/recorders, surreptitious listening devices
  •  Certain oxidising agents
  •  Chemical oxygen generators
  •  Nitrates
  •  Nitrites
  •  Hydrogen peroxide
  •  Potassium permanganate
  •  Radioactive materials, including irradiating devices and certain smoke alarms
  •  Lighters with fuel and matches
  •  All non-flammable compressed gases including carbon dioxide, neon, helium, nitrogen etc.
  •  All toxic compressed gases including chlorine, fluorine etc.
  •  Battery fluid
  •  Gasoline
  •  Radiation polluted substances


  •  Airbags, airbag inflators, seat belt pretensioners
  •  Fertilisers
  •  Paint, varnish, stains, paint thinners
  •  Acetone, nail polish, nail polish remover
  •  Cologne, perfume
  •  Aerosols, including hair spray, bug spray/insecticides, shaving creams
  •  Compressed gases, including CO2 cartridges
  •  Glues and adhesives (except for stationery)
  •  Dyes
  •  Household chemicals, including:
    •  Window/counter cleaners
    •  Drain/oven cleaners
    •  Antifreeze
    •  Alcohol-based hand sanitisers
    •  Water/aquarium test kits
    •  Bleach
    •  Fire extinguishers
    •  Large or strong magnets except within speakers
    •  Lead acid batteries and alkaline batteries
    •  Carbon or activated carbon
    •  Agricultural chemicals, including pesticides and fungicides
    •  Lighter

Live or dead animals or insects are strictly not allowed. 

The following items and other parts of these animals and reptiles, even when incorporated into a product, can be restricted and prohibited for exportation from Origin departure country. 


  • – Animal antlers, bones, claws, hair, fur, skin, horn, ivory and teeth
  •  Snake, ostrich, alligator, crocodile, lizard, stingray and other reptile/amphibian skins
  •  Fish skin, shark teeth, shark cartilage supplements, and sturgeon/beluga caviar (fish eggs/roe)
  •  Bird feathers and insects
  •  Coral, shells, starfish, sand dollars and other marine life
  •  Mother of pearl items commonly found on watches, guitars, and jewellery items
  •  Triple-layered fishing nets
  •  Taxidermy
  •  Plants


  •  Seeds
  •  Soil

We do accept any export of the following:

  • – Lottery tickets
  • – Slot machines or other gambling devices, including parts and accessories

This excludes playing cards.

Certain “specially designed” items, parts, and accessories may be restricted for export. Please check with us prior to purchasing.

Categories that may contain restricted products include:

  • – Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as gloves, masks and other items that fall under this category are currently restricted by the –  Seychelles Government  and cannot be shipped by air. 
  • – Items such as fishing equipment, seeds, plants, animal/pet supplements and animal food etc. are restricted.
  • – Aerospace and propulsion items, including commercial drones and some highly sophisticated consumer drones
  • – Telecommunications & information security equipment (containing high-end encryption and decryption)
  • – High powered lasers and sensors

Additional information Seychelles import regulations  may be found at the following website:

Seychelles Customs

Your responsibility

This information provided is only exemplary. You, as the importer of record into Seychelles are responsible for ensuring that any and all items that you deliver to our facility for exportation to Seychelles  satisfy all laws and regulations.

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