Shipping Tips

We want to make shipping with us an experience not to forget. Here’s a quick guide to the important information you need for shipping with us.

Did you know? You can reduce the weight and cost of your shipment by combining packages from different stores into one box!

Good To Know

Here are four key points to ensure hassle-free shipping.


Public holidays

Keep in mind public holidays and working days are different in our operating countries & Seychelles as this may impact your delivery time.

Free consolidation

Choose to combine packages into a single box for free to reduce overall weight and save more.

Specific approvals

Some items like perfume need specific government approvals. Please check our restricted items list to avoid surprises.

Save your invoices

Ensure your invoices are within reach as you may be asked to upload the invoice for each purchase.

Duty, Tax & Bill Of Entry

All airfreight shipments above the value of SCR 3,000 need to be declared for duty and tax and Bill Of Entry is required. 

All cargo by boat to Seychelles  is subjected to 15% Tax 

Note: Certain items may be subject to other types of taxes or fees. 

See restricted items list.

Check Before You Shop!

Strictly prohibited items

Is it prohibited or restricted?

Need more information?

Head straight to our FAQs section to get the answers to any other questions you may have.

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